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The CEO Body Velvet Behind the Scenes

Where is the second title?

She moves with an unmistakable elegance to the glass encased high rise where her office is nestled at the top floor penthouse. She's intelligent, driven and competent. This CEO won't be taking a seat at the men's tablet, she's built her own empire by embracing what is uniquely hers and hers alone. Her essence is accentuated by our white tea & ginger formula, she has clarity, she's fresh, and inviting, yet powerful, while not overpowering.

She's Bold and Seductive, she's driven and sophisticated, She's competitive yet thoughtful.

She is The CEO.

In an article written by Matt Symonds that appeared on Forbes.com in 2012, the leading characteristics of these women begins with their willingness to embrace who they truly are in business. The article is titled "10 Traits of Women Business Leaders: They Aren't What You Think", where in, author Matt Symonds interviews Forte' Foundations founder, Elissa Sangster. During the interview, Elissa gave Matt some ideas of what traits best fit today's female business leaders.

The discussion between Matt and Elissa covered everything from how to maintain your sanity to having realistic expectations of yourself where your family and career are concerned. Elissa went on to talk about topics including the many traits women hold internally and just never realized they could tap into them. The #1 trait, as expressed by Elissa - "Know Thyself". Women business leaders learn about themselves and their paths through mentorship, in many cases. Other times, women business leaders seek out advice from other leaders in an effort to learn about their experiences, what motivates them, and how they grow.

More areas women business leaders focus on include:

  • Culture trumps strategy - Find a company that fits you inside and out.
  • Build a Network and don't call it that - Always work to build and maintain close relationships with colleagues and business leaders in your community.
  • Learn to negotiate - What they offer may not always be the best for your future or your pocket book.

Female leaders in the 21st Century are like no other before them, women in business today don't wait for rewards, they go out and achieve the,. They rise above the competition and strive for higher returns on their investment. One way we found that women business leaders can garner even great success is through our body butter line. Miss Sangster neglected to mention that women business leaders should Always find time to pamper themselves. Take time to enjoy the fruits of their efforts.

Our unique blend of Avocado butter, pomegranate seed oil, sunflower seed oil, green tea extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract, and lavender hydrosol, will give you the soothing clarity you need to embrace your most needs, wants, and desires when it comes to winning at the bargaining table.

You are the leads of the new generation, you are the go getters, the early risers, the business leaders of tomorrow, you are the women who will build the next generation. You are The CEO and you deserve the best products on the market at prices you can afford.

Our Products

Find out more about The CEO and other great products we offer at Sublime Deisgners LLC. We have different formulations for those very different parts of your personality. The CEO is just one part of every women. You might like Glow Forth & Conquer or Be Delicious to bring out the other parts of your very distinct self.


She has a habit of waking up before the sun rises and embraces a day of abundance both at work and at play. She's strategic and ready for anything. She's a go getter with the right attitude and strength to build bridges while braking down walls. You get the idea, she's smooth and savvy, witty, and fun. She is The CEO.

This body butter is for the go-getters, the kind of people that take care of business before the world rises. The kind of people that wake up on the right side of the bed every morning, because they strategically planned it that way.

Our White Tea & Ginger gives you that fresh and ready-for-anything kind of feel. Get set world because - at this point in the game - the word "success" is just a stepping stone.


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 Are you the Go-Getter or CEO then check her out


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