Pink Sugar: Deceptively Sweet – Body Velvet

Pink Sugar Body Velvet Behind the Scenes

For the Girl Who Doesn't Care What They Want

Glowing like a sunset, sparkling and crystalline like the prettiest Twilight vampire, soft and sweet like the fluffiest carnival treat, she is like pink sugar. That's partly due to her deceptively sweet personality, and partly due to the body velvet she wears like a signature ring: defining, beautifying and making her all her own.

She Is Sugar ... When She Wants to Be

Don't be surprised to see her walk into the bar, short skirt swaying, and order a Cosme - with pink sugar on the rim. It sounds subtly sweet, drawing interest from those gathered around the bar, just waiting for a girl like her ... or so they think. But while her skin is supple to the touch, she is nevertheless immune to the games these players try to play. And while she might like to be touched at a time of her own choosing, her velvet smoothness is her own to give, and no one else's.

Because she might be vibrant, radiant and silky, but she is not soft. Instead, she is flirty, cosmopolitan, a social butterfly certain in her own choices. For a glow that mimics our rosy heroine, you can try this body butter on for size. Still not convinced? Let's hear a little more from the star of this sugary story.

Flirty and Fun, Always Herself

 Sure, Pink Sugar sounds sweet and unassuming, but that;s no indication of the personality of its wearing. This body butter doesn't care what you scored on your Meyers Briggs personality test; ENFP or ISTJ, you're the mistress of your own fate, and you always will be.

But one thing we know for sure: you're not the "take it lying down" kind of girl, and neither is she. She'll stand up for what she knows to be true, every time. But she'll do it with a smile, and often against their own will, they'll let her have her way. It's just to impossible to resist the combination of confidence and outrageously delectable scents.

If you want to add just a hint of flirty deliciousness to your own life, you'd do well to emulate our sugar-clad girl and try this body butter on for size.

The Soft Scents of Pink

Everyone loves the sweet smells of cotton candy, frosting and fluffy pink cake. Something about the scents floating through the air puts us in a good mood, makes us think of parties and happiness and love. You can wrap that good feeling around you like a cloak, just by smoothing on some of this body velvet, offering deep-penetrating moisture, dry skin relief and the kind of confidence you just can't get anywhere else.

Don't wait to try this soothing remedy for all that ails you. Smell like a sugar cookie and live like a diva. You deserve it, and so does your skin.

Why not get what you want and stop worrying about what they want with your very own...


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