She Owns It All … And They Know It – Be Delicious Body Velvet

The secret to Ruling the World

Being delicious isn't easy. You can't just toss together some flour, butter and sugar and call it good... although that works pretty well too. As a women of fine tastes and finer effect, though, it takes a little more than that. It takes a body butter of infinite class and charm, with dulcet scents that overpower those around you and allow you to move through a room with the easy grace of a tigress roaming her territory.

After all, when you rule the world in delicious fashion, you don't have to give orders. You don't have to growl or snarl. You don't have to dominate. All you have to do is be, and you'll have everything you ever wanted. It will taste very sweet indeed.

Your Body Is a Temple

Being delicious starts from within, though, with the belief that your body is worth the very best. Our body velvet effortlessly captures this ethic. It:

  • Is made with ultra-nourishing avocado butter.
  • Glides on smoothly to illuminate your complexion and give you show-stopping skin.
  • Encapsulates a truly captivating fragrance, which demonstrates to the world that this diva means business, and she's not about to take any prisoners.
  • Is perfect for night out and world domination.

If you want to be delicious, roaming your territory with the easy of a nimble cat, it starts with beautifying yourself outside and in. This body butter does just that, soaking into skin to create a glow nothing can put out.

You Don't Take Aphrodisiacs ... You ARE One

Perhaps the best thing about a woman wearing Be Delicious? That she doesn't have to try to be sexy. Her appeal oozes from every pore in delectable waves, turning her whole body into an aphrodisiac. If her body is the temple, her skin is the welcoming incense that draws worshippers to the altar.

Would you like to capture these captivating effects for yourself? Would you like to be illuminating, irresistible, incredible? Does being delicious in mind, body and soul sound like the kind of life you'd like to live? We thought so.

Like a Second Skin

This body butter makes such aspirations easy. Super-moisturizing avocado butter ensures that this body velvet penetrates deeply, relieving dry skin and ensuring healthy skin from head to toes. It glides on smoothly, making skin look more like itself instead of looking like there's something on it. Bewitching scents draw them in for a closer sniff before they even know what's happening.

This body velvet lotion is like a second skin, one you can don whenever you want to feel fascinating, enticing, tempting, charming, undeniable. Scents combine in perfect swirls of honey deliciousness, with sparklingly sweet top notes that complement a little black dress as easily as jeans and a loose-fitting top. Date night will never cause you stress again, because now you have the secret ... and you'll always be delicious.

So why not rule the world in delicious fashion right?

Be Delicious Body Velvet - Sublime Designers LLC


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