Softly Scented on the Outside, Femme Fatale Within – Black Widow Body Velvet

Black Widow Body Velvet Behind the Scenes

A Woman of Her Own

She wears darkest jet, with just a touch of red - the warning sign that danger is near, but you can approach at your own risk. Her hair shines, her lips invite, her heels click genteelly ... and her web waits just behind. Perhaps you want to be caught in it, and perhaps not. It doesn't matter, because she makes the rules in her own life.

In her armory are charm, wit, seduction and charisma, as well as the dulcet scents of vanilla and black raspberry from her 'Black Widow' body butter. She cannot be stopped. She cannot be dominated. Nothing happens to her that she does not wish, and if it does, beware, for she will right the wrongs and smell darned good doing it. She is the black widow.

She is everything they want but cannot have, she takes only her own advice, and she turns every head in the room ... even when those heads don't want to be turned.

Her Own Girl

She has been told her whole life who she's supposed to be, but she';s through with all of that. The woman who wears 'Black Widow' body velvet lotion cares only for her expectations of herself. If that involves a little man-eating (or heck, woman-eating) along the way, well, that's just how the web crumbles sometimes. To ensure her victory over challenges of all sorts, our heroine has developed several strategies. They include:

  • A devotion to herself first and foremost
  • A love of all things beautiful, including herself and her victims
  • A complete willingness to surrender to her inner self

But while she is resolute, the black widow does not approach any action cruelly or without reason. Too often, we associate a willingness to be firm in her own defense with a desire for destruction, but this is not so. Women everywhere can take a page from her book, standing up for themselves and living life on exactly there own terms.

Black Raspberry and Vanilla ... a Fatally Seductive Combination

Like the name suggests, this sweet and fruity body butter has a dark side. You might think of it as the web a lady spins to trap her prey ... who often don't seem to mind being trapped. They are ad addicted as she is to the soft, smooth and delightfully moisturized skin that results from daily use of 'Black Widow' body butter.

Formulated with vitamins A & E and Aloe leaf juice to promote healing, reduce scars and quench dry skin, this lotion does more that simply soothe and smooth. It is made with the best ingredients, for the woman who will wear it and become her truest, fiercest and most dangerous self, ready to meet the world head-on. She is the black widow, and that she will remain.

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