The Relaxed’s Woman’s Go-To Scent – Relax, You Got This Body Velvet

Calm in the Storm

This is no lavender sachet in your underwear drawer. It's not a bath oil. And it certainly it's a dusty bunch of dried stems in a forgotten terra cotta pot. No, the modern twist on the classic scent is not your grandmother's lavender body butter at all.

Rather, it is a lavender body velvet lotion unlike any you've ever experienced, and it is made for the woman who knows exactly who she is and refuses to bend to the winds of life. She woos people to her without trying, eases every social situation with wit and a hint of naughty humor, and always looks damn good without trying.

She is calm and collected, cooler than the most refreshing cucumber, outwardly delicate with a core of steel.

She is Relaxed

Her every move is an exercise in grace and thoughtfulness. She is young at heart while wearing her age proudly. From the young and empowered new graduate to the stylish grand dame, any woman who exudes the calm confidence of a graceful lioness will wear this lavender body velvet lotion equally well.

The kind of person who wears the subtle scents of ' Relax, You Got This' body velvet can own a room with mystery and grace and a smile on her face. She might quip, flirt, excel at conversation or keep her own quiet counsel, but she will do it all with just a hint of that time-honored lavender scent.

Keep Calm and Carry On

The relaxed woman doesn't need to remind herself of this wartime aphorism, because she lives it all the time. Like her lavender body butter, she is smooth and light in her every movement. Nothing fazes her, and as does a skyscraper in a storm , she stands tall no matter what. These skills don't come from nowhere, but from a deep well of knowledge about the best ways to approach life. She knows how to:

  • Shed stress like a duck sheds water
  • Fake it till she makes it ... without even faking it
  • Transmit her cool to others with a simple word or touch

More than anything else, though, the relaxed woman knows that sometimes you just need to chill the heck out, simple as that. Whatever life throws at them, they face it with an arch smile and a tranquil "Is that all you got? You'll need to try harder."

Lavender as It Is Meant to Be Experienced

We use only the best hydrosols in our body velvet lotion. This fragrant water is lighter than essential oils, soaking into your skin effortlessly and relieving symptoms of dryness in a moments time. In addition to adding essential moisture, the aroma of lavender helps maintain the calm in the storm.

That's why women who wear the scent of lavender can't be ruffled by the everyday tribulations in life, instead standing in the eye of the storm and celebrating their victory over it while all around them chaos rages. The relaxed woman brings calm and serenity to everything she does - and with 'Relax, You Got This,' so can you.

Check out the modern twist on this one-of-a-kind body velvet:



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